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Free Shipping UK Orders Over £35 | Free Shipping International Orders Over £250

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Offering an international marketplace for powerful resources, all of which contribute to the development of a community of energy to support an energetic transformation in the world. working respectfully with Indigenous People, Hand Crafters, and Artists who make beautiful and useful items that support the land, the community, and themselves. We gratefully recommend you to look through our wide selection of unusual goods made by artisans and craftspeople committed to conserving traditional medicines and rituals of the land.

We work with small indigenous communities in Peru and Brazil to provide a trade for them. Our relationship with the tribal communities and small artisans who use traditional methods and lovingly handcraft their goods. We hand select the best quality items for our store. We are committed to supporting the tribal communities and so we only work fair trade, always paying the full asking price, we never barter.


Uncover Your Shamanic Side..

We stock a wide variety of shamanic goodies for all your needs from Plant Medicines such as Ceremonial Cacao, Sananga, Blue Lotus, Dragon’s Blood and Hapé, to Aya Ceremonial Clothing, Shamanic instruments, Tepi’s and Kuripes and so much more.

We have gift vouchers available too!

Whether you are a Shamanic Practitioner, Yogi, Reiki Practitioner, Pagan, or a spiritual person looking to work more shamanically and holistically, The Shipibo Market warmly welcomes you!

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